Quotes & Praise for Leopoldo Gout's Films:

“A harbinger of [future] cult film status.”
– Variety

"DAYS OF GRACE, The best Mexican film of this generation"
- Rolling Stone

"A breathlessly paced adrenaline rush!"
– The Hollywood Reporter

"It's like searching dark corners of your heart by the light of a blowtorch."
– Paul Haggis

"Days of Grace will simultaneously rip your heart out, and have your mind reeling long after you have left the theatre"
– Hugh Jackman

“A tremendous standing ovation for over 10 minutes in Cannes.”

"Dias de Gracia me ha impactado profundamente. Es una película sobrecogedora que te agarra desde el principio y no te suelta. Dias de Gracia es visualmente sobresaliente, cuenta con unos actores extraordinarios y retrata el drama y las consecuencias de la violencia con una fuerza y profundidad que trasciende el marco de México para convertirse en universal."
- Javier Bardem

Days of Grace, An unforgettable film that will touch the collective subconscious and the heart of a nation! When the collective unconscious comes to see images that awaken to reality.
- Milenio Magazine

Days of grace, "Is a ribbon of love to Mexico in an environment of violence" An original, powerful composition.
- La Jornada

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